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Having your own personal coach is pretty exciting stuff! Knowing that you have someone highly qualified and experienced guiding you on the most efficient path to reaching your goals, supporting and motivating you every step of the way, is a wonderful thing.

Choosing a personal coach is a VERY personal thing. You want to be sure you have the right “fit.”  (To learn more about me now, CLICK HERE.)

For this reason, I give ALL new clients a FREE 30-minute consultation before deciding to sign on with me. During the consult, we learn about each other. Lots of questions are asked and information is shared. This is NOT a coaching session but a session to make sure we can work together as a team to achieve your goals.



“I love my coach”…that’s my mantra. Often it is uttered through clenched teeth as I hammer up yet another hill, or silently screamed into the water as I do another long swim set, or blubbered through tears when I don’t want to run another kilometer. “I love my coach"...Other times it is whispered under my breath as I reach a new distance or said with a huge smile and a fist pump when I hit my goal time. “I love my coach”…Coach Tammy has been able to find the best in me, even when I didn’t know it was there.

Andrea Half Iron Distance Triathlon
Andrea Lohnes

Coaching with Tammy has literally been the only thing to get my butt moving in the years and years of 'I'll start tomorrow'. She's motivational and easy to work with, and never judges when you're explaining how your workouts usually consist of getting up to grab the remote (we've all been there). She always works with you to find out what kind of activity you'll like best, and that's important!! I'm glad I made the impulse decision to go to her free consult, it's been the best decision for my health I've made in a long time.

Ashley Lewis client testimonial pic
Ashley Lewis

I have taken a variety of fitness classes from Tammy over many years, which have been extremely beneficial to my overall training program for Masters Track and Field and Triathlon. When the need arose to target specific areas in my training, Tammy designed a personal training program to suit me. The training was tailored to utilize the equipment we have in our home fitness room. Tammy instructed me in our home to introduce the program, provided follow up on my progress, and adjusted the training as needed.

Fitness Training for Track and Triathlon Athlete LC cover
Llew Chase

Working out with Tammy was the best decision I made. I meet with her via Facetime in my home in Tennessee. I learn something new every time. I've lost over 8 inches so far and gained muscles that I've never seen before. Tammy is a COACH through and through. She absolutely will not let me have bad form, carefully watches and evaluates, challenges me to push harder, and encourages and praises my efforts and successes. She is a gift and will be in my life for a very long time. I'm forever grateful that I found her!

Angie Amstutz client testimonial picture
Angie Amstutz

I love the flexibility of the online coaching, seeing the overall plan, and being able to work it into my busy life. I don’t always follow it exactly but I know what I need to do to reach my goals, and you are always there to encourage me and keep me accountable for my efforts. Thank you again Tammy. ***On October 2nd, 2016 she completed a very rainy O’Regan’s Subaru Riverport Duathlon (4km run + 28k bike + 4km run) and beat her duathlon personal record from last year by a whopping 4 minutes. That’s huge!

Jody Knock

An app cannot assess your form, your eating, and your life. When Tammy develops a plan, she works with her client to fully understand their goals and challenges. Once the plan is developed, she reviews it with her client and makes necessary adjustments, but it doesn’t stop there! I have had interruptions, and Tammy always replies quickly with alterations. I have reached every goal I have set on each plan that Tammy has developed for me. She has, without a doubt, been a major player in my overall health and fitness.

Heather Foote


My specialties are...

Losing weight is hard, but with the right coach it can be easy! Yes, I said easy! I SPECIALIZE in this area and have over 17 years experience helping people lose weight. I'm a canfitpro certified Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach with a ton of experience and knowledge.  I'm well known for my weight loss coaching and have a huge success rate.

I started lifting weights when I was 19 years old and soon after become a Personal Trainer Specialist. I specialize in teaching strength training techniques and important principals so clients can achieve their goals quickly with a reduced risk of injury. It's quality over quantity.

For athletes that need to strength train, I design plans that will them improve performance in their sport.

If you know me, you know that this IS MY SPORT! I'm currently an avid cyclist in road, mountain, and cyclocross.  I ride all year and big into winter fat biking. I have been competing in various types of cycling races since 2007, and still at it!

I am a NCCP certified triathlon coach and PMBIA mountain bike instructor. I have coached many people in this sport, both competitively and non-competitively.

I have run races anywhere from 1 mile to the full marathon distance. I have been running all my life, but only since 2006 have I started running on a competitive level.

I am a NCCP certified triathlon coach and have been coaching runners, competitively and non-competitively since 2006.

I started competing in triathons in 2006 and have competed in all distances - try-a-tri, sprint, olympic, 70.3 and the full ironman-distance (x 2).

In 2013, I placed first in my age category for the IRON EPIC Dartmouth event and qualified for the Long Course Triathlon World Championships.

Soon after I started competing in triathlons, I became a NCCP certified coach. I coached for Bridgewater Triathlon Club for 4 consecutive years and helped them develop the My First Triathlon program.

I also have coached many triathletes who wanted one-on-one attention to getting to compete. I have created my own unique training plans from the sprint distance to the full ironman.  I have coached clients in all the distances, including the ironman.

I am a canfitpro Children's Fitness Coach and also have a Bachelor of Education degree.  I have worked in the school system for 7 years, often substitute teaching for gym teachers.

I have a special gift when it comes to working with the youth. I believe that because I have such a fun and high energy spirit, and LOVE to act silly and make jokes, that I make them feel at ease around me.

Life needs to be fun, and children need to laugh and feel happy.  Combining this with movement creates an ideal setting for children to learn how to lead healthy active lives.


Anyone can participate, but All PARTICIPANTS should seek their doctor's advice and approval before taking on this challenge.


After your FREE consultation is complete, and we feel we are a match, you pick from 1 of three packages I offer. There are a few forms to fill out first. Then we set up payment and schedule your sessions.  Very organized!

Depending on what type of coaching your are receiving will depend on how the sessions are structured.  For example, wight loss clients begin with a body composition test.  Cycling clients begin with a cycling fitness test.


I coach my clients from my in-home studio located at 151 Silvanus Crescent in Fort McMurray.

If you do not live near this area, you can receive personal coaching via Skype or Facetime. I have several clients that do this and they love the convenience.

Coaching rates are still the same as the only thing separating us is distance but all coaching activities are still the same, including form assessments, etc.


  • View the pricing plans and coaching packages. Link is at the bottom of this page.
  • Pick one out that suits your goals and budget.
  • Contact me!


It is important to know that I only take on the most dedicated clients.  You must be willing to do the following in order for me to coach you:


There are absolutely no refunds for personal training. Before you contact me make sure you understand my policies - CLICK HERE.

24 hours notice is needed to book, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. This is important so I can plan ahead. Clients who cancel appointments within 24 hours or miss their appointment will be charged at regular rate. No exceptions!

ALL PLANS HAVE EXPIRY DATES. This is to make sure clients remain dedicated to their weekly sessions.