I'm super happy to offer Private and Semi-Private triathlon coaching for adults in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

For 8 years, I competed in triathlon races, and raced in all the distances, from the Sprint to the full ironman. In my final year of racing, I competed in the EPIC IRON in Dartmouth, NS, finishing first in my age group and qualified to represent Canada at the World Long Course Championships. 

I started out with no experience, used a mountain bike with flat pedals for my first triathlon race, no cycling gear except a helmet, but I had a desire to learn and get better.  

I am a true believe that when you allow your mind to open up, believe in yourself, and stay dedicated to your dreams, your body is capable of doing anything that you want it to do.

Power doesn't come from the body, it comes from the mind!

If you are new to triathlons, or maybe have some experience but looking to take on a bigger challenge, I could be the right coach for you.  All new clients can book a FREE 30-MIN CONSULT.  To learn more, read on. 

Here's what I offer:

  • beginner to intermediate triathlon coaching
  • competitive and non-competitive coaching
  • single coaching sessions
  • progression programs
  • training programs


Private lessons are great for individuals who desire 1-on-1 instruction. Each lesson is 60 minutes with options to extend to 1.5 or 2 hour lessons (additional fees apply).


Semi-private lessons are great for adults who learn well with a partner or friend. It's also more social and great for people who can learn by watching others.

Each lesson is 60 minutes with options to extend to 1.5 or 2 hour lessons (additional fees apply). 

There is a maximum of two adults required for triathlon semi-private coaching.


This program consists of 600+ minutes of coaching. It is divided up into 10 x 60 minute lessons. Depending on the goals, skills, and fitness levels of the clients, we can double up the sessions to make for larger lessons. 

The program is available for both privates and semi-privates.

Within the program, I have 3 major areas of concentration. Clients who want semi-private lessons must all have the same concentration.

LEARN TO TRI: This is a 10=week program for beginners only.  Clients need NO prior experience and do not need to have a high fitness level. Both fitness and skill is built during this program.

INCREASE FITNESS: This program is most excellent for people looking to increase their triathlon fitness level. Whether you just want to get faster for personal pleasure or compete in a race, this is an excellent program for upping your game.

INCREASE SKILL LEVEL: This is suitable for clients who already have triathlon experience but maybe have weak areas, such as climbing hills on the bike, slow transitions, or struggle with the run. Lessons are catered more around these weak areas and practiced until the skill level has increased and the triathlete gains more confidence.


Training programs are a great way to stay motivated  to achieve a certain goal. You can follow them on your own or hire me in combination with the plan. I develop personalized training programs to match the goal of the client. Fees start at $100, and depending on how much detail and length of the program the client wants, will depend on how long it takes me to designed the program and the final cost.

triathlon coaching


What I teach during a session will depend a great deal on what the participant(s) already knows how to do. With that said, the first session will always begin with an assessment of skills and fitness in order to identity strengths and weaknesses.

Below is a general list of topics for triathlon coaching:

  • Body positioning
  • Swimming, cycling, and running form
  • Transition training
  • Training technique
  • How to fuel your workouts
  • Importance of rest and recovery
  • Racing strategies
  • Staying injury free
  • Core conditioning
  • Basic bike maintenance


  • Develop the fundamental skills for triathlon
  • Achieve a better understanding of the sport
  • Increase fitness level
  • Develop better bike handling skills
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Create adventure in your life
  • Live your dream


triathlon coach


Meet me at my in-home studio, unless otherwise stated.



Anyone that can swim, bike, and run and has clearance from their doctor to take on triathlon training.


  • A place to do your swim training
  • Gear for triathlon (bike, helmet, running shoes, etc).
  • If you are training during the winter, you will need a stationary bike or indoor cycling trainer.
  • If you are training during winter, a safe place to run.


I'm a NCCP certified Adult Community Triathlon Coach with 10 years of triathlon coaching experience and 8 years of competitive age-group racing experience. I'm a also a PMBIA certified mountain biking instructor and canfitpro certified Personal Trainer Specialist. I hold a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University, Nova Scotia. I have an up-to-date certification in Standard First Aid and CPR.  I have a total of 17+ years coaching in the health and fitness industry. To learn more about me and my credentials, CLICK HERE.


STEP 1: Review prices and read my TERMS & CONDITIONS.

STEP 2: Make sure my available times and dates work for your schedule.


STEP 3:  CLICK HERE to email me so we can discuss your goals and the process to get you tri'ing.

BEFORE YOU BOOK:  Please know that once you are enrolled into private or semi-private coaching sessions, there are absolutely no refunds. Sessions require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change a session date or time.  If 24 hours notice is NOT given, there is a charge at regular session rates. No exceptions! Again, please read my Terms and Conditions.


1 person
60 minutes
$100 | sess.


2 people
60 minutes
$150 | sess.


1 person
10 sessions | 600 minutes
$80 | hr
$800 ttl


2 people
10 sessions | 600 minutes
$120 | hr
$1200 ttl