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Online coaching provides an amazing amount of flexibility and convenience, a perfect fit for super busy people.

You don't need to drive to personal training appointments or work around my studio hours. All coaching is done online using the TotalCoaching software, on YOUR OWN TIME!

Although online coaching is very flexible and convenient, it is hiring the right coach that will make the biggest difference.

I have been coaching people in health and fitness since 2000. That's a long time. I have accumulated a lot of education and experience since then, and my coaching toolbox is jam-packed with all kinds of tips and tricks to help my clients succeed.

You can read more about me in the ABOUT section of my website.  Make sure you check out my testimonials too.


With Tammy's guidance, knowledge, and support, I've gained control over my eating and have stuck to the my fitness program. Online coaching is a great way for us to stay connected and for me to see my progress every day. I like being able to track my eating and workouts, and seeing the macronutrient profile and calories burned encourages me to keep going. Losing weight isn't easy, but having a great coach and a great resource to track my progress helps a lot!

Kelly James Online Coaching Testimonial Pic

As a traveller, it is hard to stay motivated. I signed up with Tammy for online coaching. I received information weekly with meal suggestions and an exercise guide for the week. I now plan my weekly workouts -  activities such as power walking, water running, using the gym at hotels. When eating out, I look for healthy alternatives and order smaller portions. I have lost weight, and I feel good! I enjoy working with Tammy.

Jan Taylor

I work with Tammy online from my home in Tennessee, USA. I've lost over 8 inches so far and gained muscle that I've never seen before! Tammy challenges me to push harder, encourages and praises my efforts and successes. She has an amazing ability to adjust the exercises to avoid injury to my pain. Fitness and good nutrition has become a priority in my life thanks to her. She is a gift, and will be in my life for a very long time.

Angie Amstutz client testimonial picture

An app cannot assess your life! When Tammy develops a plan, she works with her client to fully understand their goals and challenges. Tammy has always been available to me via email when something changes. She always replies quickly with suggestions and alterations. I have reached every goal I have set on each plan that Tammy has developed for me. She has, without a doubt, been a major player in my overall health and fitness.

Heather Foote runner


My specialties are...

Losing weight is hard, but with the right coach it can be easy! Yes, I said easy! I SPECIALIZE in this area and have over 17 years experience helping people lose weight. I'm a canfitpro certified Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach with a ton of experience and knowledge.  I'm well known for my weight loss coaching and have a huge success rate.

I started lifting weights when I was 19 years old and soon after become a Personal Trainer Specialist. I specialize in teaching strength training techniques and important principals so clients can achieve their goals quickly with a reduced risk of injury. It's quality over quantity.

For athletes that need to strength train, I design plans that will them improve performance in their sport.

If you know me, you know that this IS MY SPORT! I'm currently an avid cyclist in road, mountain, and cyclocross.  I ride all year and big into winter fat biking. I have been competing in various types of cycling races since 2007, and still at it!

I am a NCCP certified triathlon coach and PMBIA mountain bike instructor. I have coached many people in this sport, both competitively and non-competitively.

I have run races anywhere from 1 mile to the full marathon distance. I have been running all my life, but only since 2006 have I started running on a competitive level.

I am a NCCP certified triathlon coach and have been coaching runners, competitively and non-competitively since 2006.

I started competing in triathons in 2006 and have competed in all distances - try-a-tri, sprint, olympic, 70.3 and the full ironman-distance (x 2).

In 2013, I placed first in my age category for the IRON EPIC Dartmouth event and qualified for the Long Course Triathlon World Championships.

Soon after I started competing in triathlons, I became a NCCP certified coach. I coached for Bridgewater Triathlon Club for 4 consecutive years and helped them develop the My First Triathlon program.

I also have coached many triathletes who wanted one-on-one attention to getting to compete. I have created my own unique training plans from the sprint distance to the full ironman.  I have coached clients in all the distances, including the ironman.


This will depend on the online coaching package you purchase. In the tabs below are some key things all clients will receive.

  • free smartphone app
  • access your account 24-7
  • account is personalized, private, & protected
  • internal private messaging system
  • access a bank of over 1000 3-D animated exercises
  • record fine details about your workouts
  • record feedback under your workout for your coach
  • nutrition log with over 25,000 food items
  • access food databases from around the world
  • stock your virtual fridge with your favourite foods
  • create your own recipes
  • calorie & nutrition tracker calculates instantly
  • create various types of goals and track them all
  • monitor your evolution with graphs and progression bars
  • view weekly total stats on your dashboard
  • motivational fitness awards
  • members only forum
  • video tutorials
  • coaching is tailored for YOU
  • personalized fitness plans
  • personalized nutrition plans
  • weekly assessments
  • no need to wait to see me in person to ask for advice or questions about your plan
  • I can tweak your plans on the fly
  • I can see everything you record instantly
  • real-time nutritional analysis
  • see metabolism, calories, macro & micro-nutrients calculations instantly
  • share recipes, quotes, and more in the members only forum
  • ongoing support
  • motivation to stay on on track
  • option to receive extra coaching via Skype, Hangouts, or Facetime (additional fees apply)
  • option to receive in-person coaching (additional fees apply)
  • option to participate in other online programs & challenges (sometimes free, sometimes additional fees apply)
  • option to purchase additional fitness and meal plans


Anyone can participate, but All PARTICIPANTS should seek their doctor's advice and approval before taking on this challenge.


Once you are set up and the coaching begins, you will receive a personalized fitness and/or meal plan to get your started. In general, you are given one food and/or fitness task to concentrate on each week, to make change manageable. At the end of the week, I do an assessment based on your activity and all the data I can access from your account. We reflect on the week, what you accomplished, what you need to work at more, and then we decide on the next step.


  • Computer and a reliable internet connection
  • Scales and/or tape measure, if you're receiving weight loss coaching
  • Open mind


  • View the pricing plans and coaching packages. Link is at the bottom of this page.
  • Pick one out that suits your goals and budget.
  • Contact me!


It is important to know that I only take on the most dedicated clients.  You must be willing to do the following in order for me to coach you:


  • You must respond to the weekly assessments and questions.
  • You must record your data on a daily basis into the TotalCoaching software.


  • You must follow the personalized plan I design for you to the best of your ability.


  • Make time to plan your meals.
  • Make time to do your workouts.
  • Make time to update your account.


  • Consistently work at changing habits.
  • Be dedicated, every day!


I am a compassionate and understanding person, and I know life can sometimes get in the way, but when making excuses becomes a regular thing, I'm no longer able to coach a client as he or she has become non-compliant.

Therefore, I developed a THREE STRIKES POLICY to keep clients on track.

If a client does not respond to emails, fails to record data, and/or does not follow the plan, and I have to mention it three times, then I terminate the coaching.

Sounds harsh? Then I'm not the right coach for you.

Dedication is necessary to make change, and when a client hires me, it's unfair to me if they do not play their part.

Anyone wishing to work with me needs to make sure they are 100% fully committed to making changes in their life before they contact me.

I don't mess around. I expect a certain level of dedication. That's how goals get achieved!

If you work with me, I WILL PUSH YOU TO SUCCEED!

One more very important thing - make sure you are familiar with my Terms & Conditions before purchasing my services. They are non-negotiable. When you purchase my services you are automatically agreeing to these policies.