I'm thrilled to offer Private and Semi-Private mountain bike lessons for adults in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Riding a bike on trails, through the forest, up and over mountains, and all the places that cars never see is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy, stressful life. There are so many mental and physical benefits with every pedal stroke.

For me, it is my all time favourite thing to do.  As soon as my butt hits my saddle, hands grip the bars, and I start to crank those pedals, a huge smile comes across my face.

My passion for mountain biking is a most excellent and motivating tool for mountain bike coaching. It is a very exciting and rewarding feeling watching a student progress in their skills, confidence, and self-esteem throughout the coaching lessons.

Every single mountain bike lesson has something new to offer and the student always leaves a better rider. To top it off - it's so freakin' fun!

I offer:

  • beginner to intermediate cross-country mountain bike skills and fitness coaching
  • single lessons
  • progression programs
  • training programs


Private lessons are great for individuals who desire 1-on-1 instruction. Lessons are catered to their specific skill and fitness level. Each lesson is 60 minutes with options to extend to 1.5 or 2 hour lessons (additional fees apply).


Semi-private lessons are great for adults who learn well in a group setting. It's also more social and great for people who can learn by watching others.

Each lesson is 60 minutes with options to extend to 1.5 or 2 hour lessons (additional fees apply). What I teach will depend on the current skill and fitness level of the the group.

There is a minimum of two adults required for semi-privates and a maximum of six.

Semi-privates can be mixed genders or one gender only (ie: an all women's lesson).


This program consists of 600 minutes of coaching. It is divided up into 10 x 60 minute lessons. Depending on the goals, skills, and fitness levels of the clients, we can double up the sessions to make for larger lessons. 

The program is available for both privates and semi-privates (2-6 people).

Within the program, I have 3 major areas of concentration. Clients who want semi-private lessons must all have the same concentration.

LEARN TO MTB: This program is highly recommended for beginners who want to move from tame flat gravel trails to true singletrack mountain biking terrain.  I can take you from riding the flats to climbing steep hills, from walking descents to flying down them, from avoiding logs to popping over them, and so much more. If you have the will, I have the way.

INCREASE FITNESS: This program is most excellent for people looking to increase their mountain biking fitness level. I will get you riding those hills with power in no time. Commit to be fit, and together we will make it happen. 

INCREASE SKILL LEVEL: This is suitable for clients who already know how to mountain bike, are not a beginner rider but maybe have a low skill level in certain areas, such as descending or climbing, cornering, etc.  Lessons are catered more around these weak areas and practiced until the skill level has increased and the riders gain more confidence.


Training programs are a great way to stay motivated  to achieve a certain goal. You can follow them on your own or hire me in combination with the plan. I develop personalized training programs to match the goal of the client. Fees start at $100, and depending on how much detail and length of the program the client wants, will depend on how long it takes me to designed the program and the final cost.

Mountain Biking Group Coaching Header


What I teach during a lesson will depend a great deal on what the participant(s) can already do on a mountain bike. With that said, the first lesson will always begin with an assessment of skills and fitness in order to identity strengths and weaknesses.

Below is a general list of topics for mountain bike lessons:

  • Body positioning and balance
  • Braking and gearing
  • Terrain awareness
  • Corning, climbing, and descending
  • Riding obstacles
  • Timing and coordination
  • Trail flow
  • Riding singletrack
  • Safety and trail etiquette
  • MTB lingo and bike anatomy
  • Basic bike maintenance


  • Each lesson is 60 minutes (can be extended upon request).
  • There will be a short discussion followed by a warm up.
  • The main instruction will cover 1-2 major topics with lots of practice and feedback.
  • We will close the lesson with a recap of the practice and final Q & A.


  • Develop the fundamental skills of mountain biking
  • Achieve a better understanding of the sport
  • Increase cycling fitness level
  • Develop better bike handling skills
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Have a total blast riding bikes
  • Connect with other riders


Meet me at the Ross Hennigar Memorial Park, in the parking lot by the baseball field. It is located at the very end of Thicket Drive.  This is where the main trailhead is located for the Wood Buffalo Bike Park.



To ensure participants have a positive experience, everyone must be able to do the following:

  • Get down and up off the ground without causing pain or discomfort or needing assistance.
  • Is able to do a low level of physical activity for 1 hour.
  • Does not get dizzy or have any medical illnesses in which exercise can make worse.
  • Can play in the mud and dirt and does not have a phobia against bugs.
  • Should not be recovering from a major surgery or illness, in severe chronic pain, or have very limited mobility.


  • A helmet that fits properly and is not cracked or dented. This is a MUST!
  • A clean mountain bike in good working order is important for safety and fun. I suggest taking the bike to Habitual Sports for a tune-up if you do not know how to do this at home.
  • Emergency repair kit that includes: spare tub, tire lever/iron, hand pump or CO2 pack, multi-tool.  You can get these kits at Habitual Sports.
  • Water bottle or camel back. Make sure the bike has a water bottle cage and a proper size water bottle fits within.  For those using a camel back, ensure it fits properly to avoid shoulder, neck, and back pain.
  • I also recommend sunglasses, gloves, and bike shorts for comfort.
  • Proper footwear - either cycling shoes or sneakers. No sandals or open-toe shoes.
  • Dress properly for weather conditions.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray.


While I will do my absolute best to provide a safe environment and instruction for all my students, participants must be aware that there are risks, dangers, and hazards associated with mountain biking. All participants must freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers, and hazards and possible injury resulting from participating in the mountain bike lessons. With each registration, their is an Informed Consent and Liability Waiver that must be signed prior to any person participating in any of my services.


I'm a PMBIA certified mountain biking instructor with a successful history in the sport. I'm also a NCCP certified Adult Community Triathlon Coach and canfitpro certified Personal Trainer Specialist. I hold a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University, Nova Scotia. I have an up-to-date certification in Standard First Aid and CPR.  I have 17+ years coaching in the health and fitness industry. To learn more about me and my credentials, CLICK HERE.


STEP 1: Review prices below and decide what you want. If you are organizing semi-private lessons, be sure the entire group is in agreement before contacting me.

STEP 2: Make sure my available times and dates work for your schedule.


STEP 3:  CLICK HERE to email me so we can discuss your goals and the process to get you rolling.

BEFORE YOU BOOK:  Please know that once you are enrolled into private or semi-private lessons, there are absolutely no refunds. Lessons need a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change a lesson date or time.  If 24 hours notice is NOT given, there is a charge at regular lesson rates. No exceptions! Please read my Terms and Conditions.


1 person
60 minutes
$80 per lesson


2-6 people
60 minutes
$60 pp per lesson


1 person
10 sessions | 600 minutes
$70 | hr
$700 per program


2-6 people
10 sessions | 600 minutes
$50 | hr | pp
$500 pp per program