BOOST! is a one-month KICK IN THE ASS! This coaching service is best suited for people interested in an intensive "in-your-face" program which drives them to take quick action to change their lifestyle so they can lose weight and get in shape, fast.  

It relies heavily on three important features:

  1. Clients attend 3 sessions per week for 4 consecutive weeks.
  2. Clients adhere to my 4-week weight loss meal plan and "fitness homework".
  3. Clients fully ENGAGE the MIND and BODY into the program and take a POSITIVE and PROACTIVE APPROACH TO MAKING CHANGE!

Bottom line:  if you are not willing to do the work I ask you to do, don't sign up! Sounds harsh, but sometimes we need someone to tell us to pull up our socks. If you agree, then I'm probably the right coach for you and you're the right kind of client for me. It's gotta be a team effort in order for this to work.


  • The first session consists of initial weigh-in, body composition test, meal and fitness plan setup.
  • Client is weighed once per week.
  • The next 10 sessions are 60 minute workouts designed to shred weight, with high and low intensities using various combinations of strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises.
  • Workout styles can be Tabata, Met-Con, indoor or outdoor boot camps, bodyweight or dumbbell circuits, kettlebells, HIIT strength and cardio mix, HIIT indoor cycling, and coming soon...Jillian Michael's BODYSHRED workouts.
  • Workouts can be outside too. We can do track, trail, or playground boot camps. We can run, power-walk, or even do HIIT cycling on road or mountain bikes. Endless options!
  • The final session is another body composition test.
  • The client can then continue with another month of BOOST! or try a different service at a 10% Loyalty Discount (must sign up right away to receive discount).  Or maybe they feel they've reached their goal and ready to go out on their own.

SEMI-PRIVATES:  any two people can partner up and take on this service together. However, both parties must be willing to share my time, their information with each other, and the program material.  


  • Efficient and effective personalized weight loss.
  • A VERY high level of accountability and motivation.
  • Taps in quickly to client's desire to lose weight and get in shape, NOW!
  • Perform high intensity workouts under the guidance of a certified Personal Trainer to ensure you are working hard enough and "doing it right."
  • Support and guidance of a certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach.
  • Get results fast!


Adults who have clearance from their doctor to do so. This program is best suited for those that are able to move freely and perform exercises at high intensities. Clients must be able to get up and down off the floor, perform a partial squat, a modified burpee, and a wall push-up without pain.  


  • a commitment to 4 weeks of coaching!
  • a commitment to meet 3 x per week!
  • a commitment to follow the meal plan!
  • a commitment to do the physical work!


151 Silvanus Crescent, Fort McMurray, Alberta



STEP 1: Make sure my available times and dates work for your schedule.  I coach Mondays - Thursdays, 9am-7pm, Fridays 9am-6pm, closed on weekends and all holidays. 


STEP 2:  Once you confirm that the dates and times work with your schedule, book a FREE 30-min consultation with me to discuss the program. If you want to get set up right away, we can do this during the consult.

STEP 3:  Once you are signed up, waiver is completed and payment is made, we meet for our first session and get you GOing with an initial body composition test, meal and fitness plan setup.  

NOTE:  Registration and payment MUST be completed BEFORE your first session. If registration and payment are not completed before 24 hours of the setup session, I will have to cancel your appointments to make the time slots available for other clients.

BEFORE YOU BOOK:  Please know that once you are enrolled into any of my services, there are absolutely no refunds. I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change a session.  If 24 hours notice is NOT given, you lose that session from your package with NO credit given. No exceptions! Please read and understand my TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Again, please understand that I only work with the most dedicated clients. I can't coach someone that isn't willing to work with me. We have to be united as a team so you can reach your goals effectively and efficiently.  So if this sounds like you, holla!


I am a canfitpro certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer Specialist. I hold a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University, Nova Scotia. I have 17+ years coaching experience in the health and fitness industry.  To learn more about me and my credentials, CLICK HERE.

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1 person only
12 x 60 min sess
3 session/wk
1 month expiry
$960 pp


2 people only
12 x 60 min sess
3 session/wk
1 month expiry
$720 pp